A software craftsmanship company.

What we offer

Our development team is here to help you fully utilize advantages of web applications.

Web Programming

We can create scalable, responsive and secure application built specifically for your business needs, from the e-commerce solutions to the custom web portals.

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Systems Integration

In case that your business spans across multiple, disparate applications, they need to be able to communicate with each other although they can be written in different languages and run on different platforms.

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RealTime Programming

With a growing number of embedded systems, concept of RealTime programming is getting more and more important.

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Accelerate your financial technology project, optimize your financial processes and enhance customer experience

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Business Process Digitalization

We are providing service for digitalize part of your business process or digitalization of whole enterprise processes.

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Who we are

Pragmatic programmers who care

KoloTree is a software development service provider, with the team of experienced and cross-functional developers, we feel strongly competent for creating quality, scalable and maintainable solutions. Built upon the foundations of the flat management organization, with no middle managers, we are able to achieve better coordination and improve communication with the client.

At KoloTree we use Scrum as a prefered agile software development framework, but in order to be flexible we are able to improve our best practices in coordination with the client.

No matter whether it comes to Systems Integrations, Real Time or Web Programming, our team is ready for the challenge. Although, we have experience in major software ecosystems like .NET and JVM, we are not binded or limited to any specific technology.

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Our clients

Success comes only from great collaboration.

We have the privilege of working with the following companies