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Our team has developed a solution that supports migration of Project for the Web templates to the client’s Azure tenant and their adjustments to easily bootstrap a new company project.

About the client

Cloud Sharks AG is a software company that provides productivity solutions to end clients that rely on the Microsoft ecosystem: Microsoft 365 (Project for the Web, Office, Sharepoint, etc.), Microsoft Azure, Microsoft Power Platform, etc.

About the project

Based on many years of experience in project management and work organization, Cloud Sharks AG is creating Project for the Web templates for specific industries. These templates aim to help the company's project management office (PMO) quickly kick off a new project by creating predefined tasks, using virtual resources, and creating the entire project plan.

Software solution for achieving this goal is deployed inside the client’s cloud tenant (Azure and Microsoft ecosystem targeted). Kolotree helped Cloud Sharks to create a Power Application (Provisioning Application) that utilizes Azure and Dataverse connectors to provision the necessary infrastructure in Azure for the client in just a couple of clicks.

As a part of the provisioning process, predefined Azure functions and Dynamics 365 plugin solutions are deployed into the client's environment for future project modifications. Azure AD is used for identity management and to enable conditional access to client’s projects.

Kolotree developed a custom solution for migrating Project for the Web templates between different Azure tenants, Cloud Sharks tenant as a source, and the client’s tenant as a destination.

The final outcome

The software solution is deployed to the client's cloud and used on a day-by-day basis. In a few clicks PMO creates a new project from an existing template and during project realization, they are able to monitor different metrics that can help them to predict possible issues and to improve work efficiency.

Our side of the story

The requirements we had to meet in this project were an interesting challenge to our team.

We had to get familiar with the entire Microsoft Power Platform (Dataverse, Canvas/Model apps, Power Automate Flows).

Provisioning Azure resources programmatically and utilizing Azure security features.

Working on this project have brought us an opportunity to develop an outstanding solution, using a large variety of technologies.

Key features

  • Completely automated export of existing Cloud Sharks project templates
  • Setting up Azure infrastructure in the client’s cloud tenant using the Provisioning Application
  • Automated deployment of Azure functions for project bootstrapping


Software Industry


Plattling, Germany


  • Microsoft Power Platform (Dataverse, Power Automate, Canvas and Model Applications, Dynamics 365)
  • Azure Cloud (Function Apps, AD Identity, Storage Accounts, Graph API, etc.)
  • Application integration in Microsoft Teams
  • C# with Azure (Azure Functions, Azure CLI)

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Cooperation: 2022 – ongoing