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Our team has developed a solution that supports planning and playing videos in a hall based on predefined scenarios.

About the client

Hallenstadion Zürich AG is a big event hall in Zürich, Switzerland. It is the home of various business, culture and sports events and can fulfil various requirements to provide the best experience to the visitors.

About the project

The client has an existing solution used for the planning and playing of the content through the MagicInfo solution made by Samsung. Through MagicInfo, client was able to determine video panels around the hall and create groups and define which devices are part of which group.

What the client needed is a software solution that would be able to remember group and device-group relations at present and that could be applied later at any point in time due to MagicInfo limitation - capturing only current configuration. You cannot create configuration ahead of schedule. We can determine that configuration snapshot as Preset.

Also, the client wanted to make adjustments related to content that is streamed on screens such as: adjusting volume, changing display status (visible/not visible), changing the power status of the device (on/off) and setting up the channel of streaming content. These adjustments can be defined for each group separately. These adjustments are known as Scenarios.

The application also behaves as an adapter as it exposes endpoints for receiving messages from 3rd party software over UDP protocol, such as QLab. This feature is implemented to make a communication bridge to MagicInfo since UDP was not supported.

The final outcome

The software solution is deployed to the client and used in various events, mainly sport events have a lot of planned and unplanned pauses and time for commercials. The software simplifies setting up schedules and content and can be configured in a couple of clicks. There are some indications for further development to simplify managing event video content even more and to integrate everything related to the configuration in a single place.

Our side of the story

The requirements we had to meet in this project were a novelty for our team, so we faced a few challenges:

Get familiar with Samsung’s MagicInfo and Figure 53 QLab software.

Creating a reliable, easy to use software solution that will allow the client to perform configuration in a couple of clicks.

Key features

  • Ability to make a snapshot of current device-group relations to be reused sometime in the future. (Creating Presets)
  • Ability to adjust the device configuration for each group (Definition of Scenarios)
  • Creating schedules when to apply particular Preset or Scenario
  • Integration with QLab software


Culture, Sport, Entertainment


Zürich, Switzerland


  • For backend: .NET Core
  • UI: HTML, CSS, jQuery
  • Database: SQLite, LiteDB, Entity Framework

Team size



Cooperation: 2019