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Our team has developed a solution that supports automatic task creation and daily work organization for accounting company.

About the client

ProBiznis Centar is a company that provides accounting and finance services for over 100 SMEs in Novi Sad and Belgrade, Serbia. Their offer includes everything that small or medium-sized companies need regarding accounting and financial needs, regardless of the company's working field.

About the project

The client needed digitalization and automation of daily organizational tasks and employee's workload management. The everyday task of COO was to browse through Google Drive folders, where each folder represents a client’s private space for storing any document that needs to be processed by the accounting office. For every new document on Google Drive, a card on the Trello board must be created, labeled, assigned to one of the employees of the accounting office, together with a description and due date. When employees start their workday, they already have prepared tasks for the day.

Although this process is easy for end clients, it can be difficult and error-prone for the accounting office. Double checks need to be made to make sure that no double tasks are created for a single client’s document and also none of the documents can be skipped. Distribution of tasks and work also need to be done fairly and equitably.

The goal was to automate this repeating, everyday task in a way that is fast, reliable, and secure. Software is written in pure Python which proved as good, reliable, and secure as any OOP language (such as Java or C#) for integration services.

The final outcome

The created software solution is successfully used for more than 2 years daily. It’s simple, fast, and has tremendous ROI for our client. Everyday work that lasted from 30 to 60 minutes every day is automated and now our client can focus more on his expertise for accounting and financial tasks and less on organizational tasks. Workload distribution is done in an automated way, which is more transparent and fair, compared when a single person is distributing work tasks.

Our side of the story

The requirements we had to meet in this project were a novelty for our team, so we faced a few challenges:

The most important challenge was not to skip any data or event on Google Drive since any skipped or lost data can have a major impact on our client and to the clients of our client.

At the same time, the challenge is to avoid duplication of data or multiple processing of the same group of events.

Security of data and GDPR compliance needed to be on the highest level since we are dealing with accounting and finance data of SMEs, legal entities, and individuals.

Key features

  • Integration with Google Drive and Trello
  • Creating Trello cards based on changes and events on Google Drive
  • Assigning employee to Trello card based on setup configuration and employees workload
  • Email notification to CEO and COO on important events


Accounting, Finance


Novi Sad, Serbia


  • Python

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Cooperation: 2017