Web Programming

Our development team is here to help you fully utilize advantages of web applications. We can create scalable, responsive and secure application built specifically for your business needs, from the e-commerce solutions to the custom web portals.

Despite various devices out there, your application will be visible and out of the box, without any additional development.

web programming ilustration

Systems Integration

In case that your business spans across multiple, disparate applications, they need to be able to communicate with each other although they can be written in different languages and run on different platforms. Integration needs to be reliable, performant and secure.

Our team is able to choose integration pattern depending on the situation at hand. Communication can be synchronous (e.g. Web Services - SOAP or REST) and asynchronous (e.g. JMS Messaging). Integration component may or may not be deployed on some kind of ESB (Enterprise Service Bus).

system integration ilustration

RealTime programming

With a growing number of embedded systems, concept of RealTime programming is getting more and more important. Using right tools for the right job (e.g. RealTime operation systems and compilers) and taking into account all given constraints (e.g. time, memory and processor resources) Kolotree can help you develop algorithms used in digital signal processing, remote data acquisition (SCADA systems), different areas of telecommunications and computer networking.

real time programming ilustration

Home Automation

Let installing equipment for home automation and providing or creating custom software for your smart home appliances be our responsibility. Controlling and monitoring home appliances (e.g. by using Xl 0 or ZigBee based devices) as well as optimal energy management can be as easy as using any other web application. We can ensure that this will be done in a secure and reliable way.

home automation ilustration

Business Process Digitalization

We are providing service for digitalize part of your business process or digitalization of whole enterprise processes. We will eliminate manual processes used in your company and in that way, we are reducing time to market of your product and at the same time, reducing expenses. We can develop software for different aspects of your business (e.g. ERP, CRM or SCM).

business process digitalization ilustration